Mechanical Threshold Wired and Wireless

As well as our handheld algometers, the Prod range, we make three mechanical threshold testing systems, two of which are controlled from a bench-top unit and the third of which is wireless. All are based around our range of light, low friction, rolling diaphragm pneumatic actuators with a single flat-ended probe or, by request, with three probes in a triangle.

MT1, our entry level system provides manual inflation of the actuator via a syringe held by the operator with rate lights to ensure inflation at the desired rate (selectable from the front panel). The rate lights are remote mounted and can therefore be positioned for convenient viewing during a test; push too hard on the syringe (getting “ahead” of the rate) and the red light will come on. Push too little and the green light will come on. With a little practice, operators soon find that they can achieve the entire ramp without either of the lights coming on. At threshold, a vent valve is opened. This releases the pressure immediately and is sensed by the controller which then peak-holds the threshold reading in Newtons. A reset button prepares the system for the next test.

MT2, our automatic bench-top mechanical system,  has a built-in pre-charge reservoir which is primed by the operator before the test. Pneumatic valves and a feedback control loop then provide the ramp, selectable from the front panel, with the threshold reading peak-held when the stimulus button is released.

And WMT1, our wireless mechanical system for large animals, is controlled in the same way as our wireless thermal sytems, from a two channel infra-red link. One channel applies the stimulus and the other resets the system for the next test. Click here for the datasheet.