Mice & Rats

MouseMet and RatMet were conceived after discussions with researchers who stated that von Frey filaments, while giving a well trusted answer, were time consuming and awkward to use for the measurement of mechanical thresholds. They also commented that the existing electronic von Frey systems, while perhaps acceptable for rats, were insufficiently sensitive or robust for mice. As a result, we spent time watching people testing, participated in a number of studies, and then designed our own system.

MouseMet and its big brother RatMet have both been validated against von Frey filaments and are being used for studies around the world. The system now includes hot and cold stimulii: building on Topcat’s 20 year’s experience in this field, in 2015 we  developed a miniature hot threshold probe, allowing both modalities to be tested in the same environment. And in 2020 we first trialled a revolutionary cold probe for use with the same runs. Less acclimation-less stress for the mice (or rats).  Please click here for the dedicated website.